Creating TablesΒΆ

In [10]: gbq.generate_bq_schema(df, default_type='STRING')

Out[10]: {'fields': [{'name': 'my_bool1', 'type': 'BOOLEAN'},
         {'name': 'my_bool2', 'type': 'BOOLEAN'},
         {'name': 'my_dates', 'type': 'TIMESTAMP'},
         {'name': 'my_float64', 'type': 'FLOAT'},
         {'name': 'my_int64', 'type': 'INTEGER'},
         {'name': 'my_string', 'type': 'STRING'}]}


If you delete and re-create a BigQuery table with the same name, but different table schema, you must wait 2 minutes before streaming data into the table. As a workaround, consider creating the new table with a different name. Refer to Google BigQuery issue 191.