Supported Data Types

Pandas supports all these BigQuery data types: STRING, INTEGER (64bit), FLOAT (64 bit), BOOLEAN and TIMESTAMP (microsecond precision). Data types BYTES and RECORD are not supported.

Integer and boolean NA handling

Since all columns in BigQuery queries are nullable, and NumPy lacks of NA support for integer and boolean types, this module will store INTEGER or BOOLEAN columns with at least one NULL value as dtype=object. Otherwise those columns will be stored as dtype=int64 or dtype=bool respectively.

This is opposite to default pandas behaviour which will promote integer type to float in order to store NAs. See here for how this works in pandas

While this trade-off works well for most cases, it breaks down for storing values greater than 2**53. Such values in BigQuery can represent identifiers and unnoticed precision lost for identifier is what we want to avoid.


Because some requests take some time, this library will log its progress of longer queries. IPython & Jupyter by default attach a handler to the logger. If you’re running in another process and want to see logs, or you want to see more verbose logs, you can do something like:

import logging
import sys
logger = logging.getLogger('pandas_gbq')